How to file effectively (negative):

1. if you will use it a lot (a core neg DA)
  • put it in an accordian, for example this
  • organize by major argument or 2nc block into one slot
  • try to minimized how much goes into each slot; be careful not to over sort either!
  • do not follow the index from the original file; generally you will want to reorganize these files, write blocks, etc
  • make good use of foldies

TEMPLATES FOR ACCORDIAN INDEX: For instructions on how to use templates, try the DDW template page

2. READ your file
  • use a highlighter to make the cards shorter
  • use a pen to put side warrants next to the file and to mark out bad cards.
  • use a pen to rewrite tags, make block titles more specific

3. Identify answers to your argument
  • look through the aff answer section and make a list
  • go back through the notes you may have from previous discussions
  • begin making a "2nc block" for each of these answers.
  • Start by writing answers with the most FREQUENT and HARDEST to answer arguments

How to file effectively (affirmative):

1. Your aff should be at least 2 accordians!
2. Make each 2ac block a separate slot
3. Try to divide your solvency arguments into logical divisions
4. Leave room for expansion - you will end up writing more blocks!
5. Make sure you get the Aff answers from each appropriate neg file.
6. make sure you read the full 1nc to your aff, be prepared to answer those arguments

General Tips for Practice Debates

2. Read through the negative files if you are aff; the aff answers if you are neg

Strategy notes

1. Think about affirmatives by the mechanisms

Positive Incentive
Negative Incentive
Decreases fossil fuel

increases renewables

Positive Incentives: you want to read Fiscal D, Spending, Trade DA
Negative Incentives: Business Confidence, Trade DA

Decreases fossil fuel: increases Fossil Fuel Prices in the US: Chemical Industry DA
Increases renewables: decreases Fossil Fuel prices in the US and in the world: Flaring DA, Oil DAs (Backstopping, etc)

2. Now add in the complication of the Advantages
For example, if they read a competitiveness DA, you may not want to read China CP

specific case strategies

Red denotes a Third Wave Assignment

Nuclear power (10)

T: Alternative Energy
Elections (McCain supports Nuclear, Nuclear is popular, Energy key issue)
Fiscal D
Spending Trade off (DOE or Congress)
Trade DA (European Trade backlash)

States incentives CP (licensing not key/ fails)
Fed and States CP
Increase another renewable (to solve the grid), and sign CTBT (to restore prolif)

Prolif advantage: Light Water reactors increase prolif, reprocessing increases prolif (tech transfer bad), breeder reactors increases plutonium prolif, alt caus Bush Doctrine

Grid advantage: more plants increase grid failure because of vulnerability, grid depends on coal so nuke power can't solve, nuke power needs electricity to operate so if there was a black out it can't solve instability, non-efficient and crowds out other renewables that would solve

Space (7)

Weaponization good version (0)
Be nice to other folks version (7)

T: Alt Energy Use is not in the US

Fiscal D, Spending Trade/off
DOD trade off
Elections (plan is popular, McCain is tied to Bush, more popular with independents -> McCain win, McCain bad)

Space Militarization is bad
Space colonization is bad (disease, war)

Japan Soft Power
Soft power bad

Security K

Solar power bad -> nanotech
Solar power trades off with other renewables
Coal/Natural Gas DA
DA to spillover

Different agency to CP (DOD, NASA)
DOD trade off to Net Benefit

Japan CP?

Negative Incentive: threaten to cut NASA funding.
Net Benefit: spending DA

States fund Congress to do the plan CP
Net Benefit: Fiscal D

Ban Space Weapons CP

planes (4)

T: not in the US because they are in the air

EU Sanctions DA

International Agent CP
States CP (FAA wants the states to do it because they don't have money - check the States CP file)

Oil DA
Elections DA (Plan is popular because of renewables and decreases oil dependency, -> McCain win, McCain bad)
Trade DA
Food prices DA (takes land to make the fuel)

Can't solve - plan is small percentage of world economy

Heidegger K

Military (2)

DOD Trade Off
Fiscal D DA
Congress Trade/off
Elections DA (new funding for military is unpopular, Foreign Policy/Military focus)
Oil DA
Japan Soft Power DA

Privatization CP (States fund)
Force the military to adopt renewable CP

Securitization K

Case: What if they shoot the solar panels?!?!?
Heg turn
Long time frame for solvency

Permits (3)

EPA trade off DA (Revenue recycling takes out other funding DA but not EPA trade off because the extra revenue goes into Congress and not to the EPA)
Business Confidence DA (sector specific)
Elections DA (

Command and Control CP (but no tax)
Right to Pollute K

RPS (3)

EPA Tradeoff
Biz Con - electricity sector - raising electricity prices
China - electricity
Elections - RPS is popular, so it might let McCain win cause Bush gets credit

Right to Pollute - worse than permits because no cap, just trading

Command and Control
Positive incentives CP
Transparency CP