Below are a list lecture/presentation for the DDW listed in chronological order. Below each lecture, you will find any handouts that were provided. Click on the Lecture name to access the video

Library Orientation and Evidence/Briefing

Ken Strange, on Thursday, June 19th
argument labels .doc - Explains how to label arguments, including efficiency tips
brief format.doc - The rules for how all DDW briefs should come in. Also contains tips for briefing evidence for throughout the year
evidence citations.doc - The rules for DDW citations and tips for finding more complete citations.

Intro to Topicality

Ken Strange, on Friday, June 20th

Global Warming

Kathryn Clark, on Friday, June 20th
30 minute introduction to Global Warming

Aff Strategy

Kathryn Clark, on Saturday, June 20th

Intro to Oil Economics
Kathryn Clark, on Saturday, June 21st


Ken Strange, on Monday, June 23rd

Speaking Skills

Maggie Berthiaume and Nicole Serrano, on Monday, June 23rd

Negative Strategy

Josh Kernoff & Kade Olsen, on Thursday, June 26th

Counterplan Competition

Ken Strange, on Thursday, June 26th

Counterplan PICS and agents

Maggie Berthiaume, on Thursday, June 26th


John Turner, on Friday, June 27th

Cross Examination

Ken Strange, on Saturday, June 28th

Clash Demo Debate

Maggie Berthiaume, Kade Olsen, Nicole Serrano, John Turner on Saturday, June 28th